3 Tips for Creating an Effective Advertising Message


1. Focus: Most companies offer a diverse range of products or services, and those individual offerings are often complex as well. You must find a way to focus on something simple, whether it be your best offering or the purpose of your business as a whole.

2. Competitive Edge: Your product is most likely not free of competition. For this reason, it is important that your message also focus on what makes it the best choice in the marketplace.

3. Emotional: If you know your target audience well, you should know how to appeal to what they want, creating an emotional reaction from the viewer. Bonding your product and an emotion is vital to delivering an effective message.

Now that you have your message, you are going to need help getting it out to viewers. Mottert Systems offers Media Planning and Buying Software that has powerful capabilities but is easy-to-use.


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3 Ways to Expand your Brand by Advertising Online


  1. Create a Website – Having a website is a great way to promote your business. It gives potential customers a chance to learn about your company and create a strong bond with your brand before they even visit your business.
  2. Invest in Online Ads – When you advertise online, you expand your customer reach immensely. The best part about it, is that most advertising programs have you pay per click, which means you don’t pay unless you actually reach a customer.
  3. Create a Facebook ‘Like’ Page – Facebook is the largest social media platform and one of the best ways to reach out to your customers. Like pages make businesses seem more accessible and creates business loyalty.


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A Brief History of Ad Agencies

Surprisingly, the inception of Advertising Agencies goes back to a man named William Taylor, in London during the year 1786. The embryonic stages of what we today know as an advertising agency happened in 1856 when Matthew Brady came up with his iconic style of advertisement.
Today, Advertising Agencies can range from one or two man operations to companies operating on the corporate scale, all ready to tailor their services to the needs of any client. Modern agencies have become so complex that even mid-sized companies must use media planning and buying software such as that offered by Mottert Systems in order to efficiently keep track of the tasks at hand.

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Benefits of Radio Advertisements


Promotional opportunities: Radio allows promotional opportunities that other types of media cannot offer, such as running a competition or allowing people to sample your product.

Targeting: About 90% of Americans listen to radio and each station has a specific type of audience that allows for targeting certain markets. People listen to the radio in all types of environments (car, work, etc.) which allows you to reach them throughout the day.

Cost effective: Radio advertisements require less resources for production, which lowers the cost of reaching your target audience.

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Purchasing T.V Advertising:


T.V advertising can be incredibly effective both in cost and exposure for your small business. Here are some reasons that you should buy T.V advertising for your product or small business.

1. The product needs to be seen to be explained, like in the instance of a snuggie or a shake weight. These products are not easily explained over a radio advertisement.

2. It your product fits in well with the programming it could greatly help your product.

3. The cost is reasonable for your product.

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